Designs by Michael Mertes — 715.781.7269

Nearly all of the wood in my clocks has been recycled—found on scrap heaps or Lake Superior beaches; retrieved from demolished old buildings and barns; taken from the forced harvesting of trees damaged by storms or to make way for construction projects; purchased from Timeless Timber, of Ashland, Wisconsin, which commercially reclaims logs submerged for over 100 years at the bottom of Lake Superior or from Ancientwood, Ltd., of Ashland, Wisconsin, which excavates and imports Kauri buried in the peat bogs of New Zealand for 50,000 years.

While helping a friend install a slate floor, I fell in love with stone. Every piece of stone has unique textures and colors that suggest a shape I can carve to focus interest on a stone’s particular natural beauty. I enjoy containing the random texture and color of the stone in sharply defined geometric shapes, then adding wood or metal to complement the stone.

I want to make learning the time a positive visual experience, since we attach so much negativity to the very concept. Rather than just enjoying our time, we are too often running out of it, limited by it, don’t want to waste it, or wish that we could recapture it. We forget to just experience the wonder of the moment.

If you need to know exactly what time it is, look at the digital device of your choice. For the more relaxed occasions and locations where you only require a general indication, I invite you to consult one of my stone clocks.


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